Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Exodus Reinactment

Hooray! It's Passover!

Moshe and Sophie

Hester and Tzipporah (Not Moshe's Wife)

Egyptian rock quary

Israelite village of Goshen

The foods during the times of Egyptians

Bread dough ready for leavening...

The plague of Darkness (we forgot to take pictures of the other plagues...)

Preparing for the Angel of Death




Tzipporah and Bubbe

Thinking about the sad people who lost their firstborn...

Egyptian booty

Let's pack our bags, Pharaoh said go!

The Red Sea is split!

Hey, look a fish! (Moshe's leading the way)


Hester with her tambourine!

Azariah happy to be out of Egypt!

Our first meal of freedom!

Tzipi and Sara are very hungry!

Zee, Nee, Hester, Laurie, Sophie, and Ethan

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  1. Looks like it was quite the production and loads of fun. I'm sure the kids will always remember it. What a great way to tell the story of the freedom from the Egyptions and the Passover.