Sunday, April 26, 2009

Best $120.00 I ever spent!

The last few days have been panic filled. My Toshiba is ill. Thank goodness that my husband has a laptop, so I will still be able to blog. I was able to upload all of my photos to Picasa under my Gmail account. My other files were unimportant. I tried system recovery to wipe the hard drive and restore the system to factory settings, but it didn't fix what was wrong. So I searched through boxes and boxes this morning and found my extended warranty! I am so glad I did that. I buy warranties whenever I can. It's extra money, but it is so well worth it. I called Office Depot and the kind gentleman said that I did everything he would have told me to try. So he says that the problem isn't fatal, but it will require me to mail my computer to the experts. They are paying for the box and postage and it should take 3 days to mail the box and 3 days to get fixed and 3 days to come back home all repaired. I will miss my computer, but Avi will be wonderful and share when he can. I won't be able to load new photos because his laptop doesn't read sd cards, but it's ok. I just want my computer to be all better.


  1. We are oh, so dependent on those crazy computers aren't we? Mine and Kevin's have both been acting up. Kevin's really worse than mine and as a matter of fact we have a repair guy coming to the house tomorrow. I too am glad you had the extended warranty.

  2. I suspect they are somehow built to last only for a certain period of time, then, oops, time to buy another one. It is probably a raquet or conspiracy or money grubbers or who knows what happens.