Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

Avi's first words after driving for 5 hours, "Be it ever so humble... there is no place like home." I agree. It's been a great fun filled 8 days, and I am glad I took the time off away from the stress of work. If anything it's made me appreciate home that much more. Messy and small though it may be, I'm the queen of this here cottage and love it's every nook and cranny. I'll blog more about our vacation on another day, because I promised Zee I would blog about his amazing accomplishment! He had tons of school work to take with us because I took him out of school for 5 days for vacation. BOY OH BOY did he have a lot. He had to write to 1,000 and he had 10 pages of math, 5 pages of English Grammar, 5 books to read, and spelling to do. It was sheer torture for him and he cried many times. But he finished every bit of the work by 5:00pm tonight. He will feel the accomplishment of going to school with all of his work done. And his father and I are very proud of him! Way to go Zee!


  1. Way to go Zee!! Awesome job!

  2. Bubbie and Pop are soooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you Ze! You are so smart. Love Ya!

  3. Grandpa and Grandma had so much fun with you. We loved every single moment. You and Zippy are such blessings to Grandpa and Grandma. We look forward to our next adventure together.

    I hope you had as much fun as we had.



  4. Sounds like you all had a great time. I agree, there is no place like home. I love the vacation slide show and my favorite pic is the one of Bunny helping Avi drive . . too cute!