Monday, December 22, 2008


Three years old. I can not believe it. It feels like yesterday that I was going to the ob-gyn all the time and praying for a healthy baby. I was so excited to be having a little girl. When my doctor told me that we needed to go to the hospital and be induced because her cord was strangling her, I was so nervous. After having such a difficult labor with my son, I was willing to go through it again if it just meant that my daughter would be born healthy. Then after my hour labor I laughed and told the nurses to "give me another baby, that was easy"! I saw her blue little body and remember the doctor spanking her little tushy and hearing her lusty cry. I prayed Shema during the entire labor. When I held her and saw her beautiful face I knew everything would be fine.

She was an easy baby given the fact that I had post partum depression so badly. I'm surprised I survived those awful weeks. I would look at her face and feel miles away from her. I was desperate to snap out of it. When I finally had the strength to be honest to face my mental illness, the medicine helped quickly. I felt like my old self. When I woke up from the nightmare I finally had the chance to embrace my baby and work on building a relationship with my new growing family. Big brother Azariah was a huge help. Considering he was only 4, he wanted so much to learn everything he could about his new sister.
I love being a mother and watching them grow up. I have a very difficult time with the whole sibling thing, but being an only child I work hard to give them special "alone" time with me. She struggles with her temper. She doesn't bottle like Zee and I do. She's very expressive and lets her needs be known as soon as she has them. I love her love of books and her ability to learn quickly. She loves to get dressed up and play with Mommy's make up. She's my rough and tumble princess and I love her dearly. I'll write about my son later this week. Stay Tuned...

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