Monday, December 22, 2008


Nearly 7 years ago a beautiful, funny, intelligent boy was given placed in my tired arms. 9.5 lbs of pure love.
Azariah David is my first born son. He's been through quite a lot in 7 years. Many many surgeries and more than his fair share of time with doctors. He takes it all in stride and does his best not to make it more difficult than it already is on his parents.
We were blessed to have nearly 5 full years of time to ourselves as I was a stay-at-home mom for those five years. We spent our time at the library and at museums and every experience we had was an opportunity for learning.

Now that he's in first grade he doing such a good job learning all that his teachers throw at him. He is a very thoughtful boy that tries very to please those in charge. He is a perfectionist that hates making mistakes. He has very particular tastes and prefers to have his room just so. He has great adventures outside. Loves to take baths but is nervous about swimming. This summer he took the training wheels off of his bike. He's not truly confident without the training wheels, but we know he'll be back in the saddle Summer 2009.

He loves to sing and we are working on learning to play the piano.

He loves to make movies with his sister and loves to tell her what to do.

His favorite thing to do is to play video games and spend time playing on the computer with me.

He loves his whole entire family and loves to spend as much time with them as he can. Every day he surprises me with all he knows.

My most prized gift from God... my children.

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