Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our favorite family member

I never thought I'd ever have another pet after I moved away from home. But here it is 8 years
later and we have this amazing cat. Her name is Dust Bunny. She started out a tiny puff ball and grew into this intelligent mouser/roach cop, that loves to cuddle and will tolerate my rowdy children. She has organized a cat club in our tiny neighborhood. They police the block and alert their families of strangers and dogs. This week someone left a decapitated mouse carcass on my front step. Gross as it was, I felt good that the neighborhood Mousers were doing their jobs.

I mentioned earlier that Bunny tolerates my children. More than that, I think she actually enjoys their naughtiness. She can dish it right back to them. Smack, growl, bite... OUCH! Eema!!! But she will chase them around the house and my son and daughter actually fight over the responsibility of feeding and watering her.

She is such a good cat that she stopped using the catbox. For most people that would be terrible. She prefers the great outdoors as her latrine. Unfortunately we can't take the chance of her freezing to death in the frigid winter weather we're having in North Texas; so we have to force her to live a more domesticated lifestyle and act like a normal house cat.

She started her life as a feral kitten in my parent's pecan orchard, but you wouldn't have known it the day she came to visit our house. It was love at first sight. We love her so much.

My husband enjoys cuddling with her. We worry about her when she gets into mischief and work hard to keep her entertained.

We are definitely CAT people. Meow...

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  1. I love it! Welcome to the world of blogging. I must warn you that it's addictive! I will now add your blog to my blog list. Cute pictures of Bunny. I'm glad she survived her ordeal.