Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My favorite thing to do in my spare time, is plan my next speech for Toastmasters. I am Vice President of Education for my local Toastmasters club. It is the most wonderful thing I've ever done for myself. I get to meet the most interesting people, learn new communication and leadership skills and have opportunities to compete in district competitions.

I've accomplished my first 10 speeches which resulted in my Competent Communicator Certification. I am now working on my Competent Leadership Certification concurrent with my Advanced Communicator Certification.

This week we learn of the new officer's election results for the 2009 term. I ran as Vice President of Education and hope to learn that I will be serving this same position January to June this coming new year. I've created a tracking system for our members as well as assign duties for each meeting. I am also planning a Table Topics competition with the current VP of Membership.

You may wonder why Toastmasters would be interesting. Public speaking=fun? Are you sadistic? Are you crazy? We'll leave that for a future speech. Women are natural speakers, but to speak well and in front of people you may not know, now that is a skill to have. The people that join Toastmasters are dedicated to self-improvement, professionalism, and tend to be very open minded individuals. We have a strong belief in right and wrong, but are able to listen to opposing views.

From my fellow Toastmasters, I have learned about Aruba, how to install a kitchen dispose-all, zero tolerance, what it's like to ride a motorcycle in Amarillo, the wonders of grandchildren, and many more things.

If you would like to attend a Toastmaster meeting, I can make that happen.

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