Monday, April 11, 2016

Road trip with Norwex

Traveling with three kids is not easy. Do you know what's made it easier for me? Norwex. I don't have to pack liquid soaps of any kind. Shaving cream? Nope. I just bring these cloths with me. 

If I stop at the gas station and my windows are gross (you know from the five second rain plus three hour dirt storm), I can just use water and clean the car windows without worrying about the gross chemicals available at the fuel station. 

If you know me, you know I have reusable bags, but these new Norwex bags will carry my food without having to worry about bacteria. Since I am being really careful with what I eat, I have to travel with my food. If anything spills, I can just wipe it up with an Envirocloth. 

Have you ever run out of wipies? Well, no worries. These are reusable.  I use these and then I can just take them home and wash them. We don't really think about the wipies we've used in the past and that they are still sitting in landfills. Get past the guilt and stop the insanity!

I don't have to worry about spilling make-up remover on my clothing or in the car because these cloths are AMAZING! I use heavy duty mascara and this comes off with just water. My face doesn't feel oily or extra dry with these. Just clean. 

If you want more information about any of these products, please feel free to find me on Facebook, email me or check out my website. Janine's Norwex Site

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