Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sukkot 5770

I took this picture of Tzipporah being a mommy to Sophie. She was following her around everywhere, washing her pacifier and keeping her safe. It was adorable. The following pictures are from our Sukkot time with Bubbe and Pop, from Tzipporah's perspective. Bubbe had taken loads of pictures and then I realized that I wouldn't have any on my camera to blog. So I handed Tzipi the camera and this is what she saw:

The girls made beaded strings with bells to decorate the sukkah. Here is Bubbe's that she bought a long time ago.

Here is breakfast in the Sukkah.

Here is part of Bubbe's face.

Here are some pretty flowers that Sara and Sophie planted in big beautiful pots.

Here's Abba after sleeping in the tent. He is going to brush his teeth.

Here is a bush in Pop's backyard.

Here is Bubbe washing the dishes OUTSIDE. Tzipi thought this was very interesting.

Here is Pop by Bubbe's sukkah bed. She slept outside!

See... here is Bubbe in her outside Sukkah bed! We do lots of stuff outside!

Here's Sophie.

Here's Laurie under the Sukkah.

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