Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Grocery Store Adventure

Ok, so get ready! You are about to embark on a world traveling experience. My sister Hester and I started out going to the "ghetto grocery store" and it was very disappointing. Dirty, messy and spoiled is the best way I would describe it. Plus the prices were much higher than we expected. So Hester suggested this international grocery store on 24th and Grand. It's far from our houses, but my goodness it is so worth the travel!

I took so many pictures that I'm sure the natives thought I was insane.

These are Indian eggplant. Aren't they adorable? And the produce was soooo fresh. Hester bought some jalapenos that were the most beautiful I've seen in years.

I told myself to write a note so I wouldn't forget, but sure enough I can't remember what these are.

How about Brown sugar Mushi Cake???

They have a bakery that makes interesting breads from all over!

These are beautiful little candies. I'm not sure how good they are, but they were so cute!!!

I think this is a dessert of some kind.

Very old-world fish market!

My absolute favorite part of the store. I have even more pictures of what I did with these Indian spices, but I don't have much time till I need to get ready for work.

These are adorable Chinese spoons. This was another great part of the store. All the interesting cooking utensils and pots and tea kettles! I bought a Chinese bamboo steamer and a copper mesh spoon for frying things.

I love this! It was made in America, but it sure doesn't look like it.

These are great little glass jars with balls of tea. I've never seen anything like this.

More beautiful tea.

Can you see the regular size eggs? These are tiny little eggs that are so beautiful I can't believe people eat them!?

Strange preserved duck eggs.

These are noodles, but the packaging is like a work of art!

I'm not sure what this rainbow cow noodle thing is.


This grocery store was clean and wonderful. We listened to Cher in the overhead speaker system. It was a terrifically fun, surreal experience.

Chiz? Ok...???

Someone actually eats shrimp snacks. There were many different varieties of chips in shrimp flavor. YUCK!

This rice had such a beautiful painting on it, I just had to take a picture!

Wine anyone? Well, when I have a few more minutes I'm going to blog about the Indian food I made with all my found treasures. Thank you so much Hester for a great time, probably the most fun grocery shopping I've ever had!


  1. Awesome. I've seen the store, but always been too busy to stop and take a gander. Maybe Kevin and I will have an adventure.

  2. I know how much I enjoy the Asian market here in Odessa and the one dad and I used to visit in Fort Worth.

    You sounded like a kid in a candy store when you were there. I'm glad you're adventuresome and not afraid to try new things. You might miss the world if you were fearful of venturing into "strange new worlds". Maybe your love of Star Trek has somethign to do with it all?

    Loved the blog.


  3. Beautiful pictures!
    Could you tell if anything was kosher? If not, then I would be able to get the produce and maybe some kitchen things. Next time I'm up there I would love to go there.

    I have some Indian spice things for you. I will ask Laurie to bring them up when she comes for the church Halloween party this weekend.

  4. Wow - what great pictures! I bet the employees were wondering what in the world you were doing! I love the pictures of the eggplants! I went to Alberston's last Sunday and they had a HUGE selection of beautiful eggplants! I wanted to buy one - they were so pretty but I have never made anything with eggplant so I declined. I LOVE your spirit - NOT afraid to try something new! I need to be more like you!