Saturday, October 10, 2009

"every girl needs a butler"...

Ok. I just have to blog about this. A few weeks ago I went to K-Mart in Lubbock to close my bank account. While there, I decided to try and replace my purse, once-loved; now abused and beyond repair. I found a huge sale of "butler" purses. I've never seen anything like these. They have compartments that keep all of our necessities separate!!! My problem was that there were too many to choose from. Large and bulky to small and adorable and in every color imaginable. I need a larger one to carry my catalogs but my chiropractor doesn't want me carrying a suitcase everywhere I go. So instead I carry three bags to work every morning. So after 30 minutes of trying to make up my mind I left empty-handed and more than a little frustrated. Surely I could find something similar online. What I didn't know was that Kmart must have been selling knockoffs. 'Cuz if you visit the official website: you'll see that they are not 15.00!!! No where NEAR that much. They must be secretly lined with GOLD! I'm still mildly obsessed with it, so I'm going to try my hand at making one of my own. Hopefully I will be able to do it with the things I have at home. We shall see. Keep your fingers crossed and keep checking my blog. Oh and check out Jen's amazingly fun website.

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  1. Do they really have that plastic divider in the bottom? I still have all my little necessities in the AAA baggie from our trip. It sure makes it nice when I need something and just pull out the baggie and find it quickly. I'm anxious to see how your bag turns out.