Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun with My Mom

On the weekend before last, my Mom drove 5 hours to visit. We were supposed to go to Kansas, but that didn't happen. So I thought I'd share a couple photos from our time together. We made lemonade from lemons! This first picture is at the antique store. Isn't that the coolest chandelier?

This is Mom in front of TGI Fridays, on a Friday!!!

We stayed here talking for hours! It was lovely.

We had soup and salad. It was yummy.

I want to post more, but I need to get ready for work! Have a great Friday. I know I will!


  1. Looks like fun! I'm just sorry she was ill, and that you had to miss your trip. But, hey, fun is fun! Love ya! Eema

  2. Nee,

    It was the most fun I've had in so long. I had such a special time with Avi and Zippy on Friday morning and then fun with Zee in the afternoon. It made all the pain and sadness flee. I'm sooo glad you talked me into staying and enjoying the time. My friend Kim told me I'd have fun and I really did. On top of that we got our stamps from SU anyway!

    I was delighted to see that you had posted this here. I look forward to another stolen few moments with you again soon. Loved that antique store!


    Your momma