Saturday, October 17, 2009

From Canada to Amarillo

See these goats? These are the goats that my aunt Linda visited on her trip to Canada. Aren't they furry and cute?

See this yarn? This is the goat wool after it has been sheared, cleaned, dyed and spun. Linda brought it back for me. I'm working on crocheting something special for myself with it. It's so awesome to think of all the work involved in making this yarn. Plus it is so natural. When I first rolled a skein into a ball, I noticed the variations in the yarn. It's not factory made. I find it fascinating to work with something so wonderful. When it's made in a factory it's just not the same. When it's from acrylic there isn't the same connection to the earth. Thank you Linda! I'll post my results when I'm finished!


  1. I am so glad you are enjoying your yarn and that you followed my advice to make something for yourself. I knew you would have loved the goat farm in Canada. It was so neat and like you said, it was a special connection with the ways of the past. I loved it there.

  2. So has the lanolin in the wool made your hands itchy or are you ok? It's the most lovely shade of blue. I've heard of blue oxes, but never blue sheep. Someone should tell them jokes! Hey get Zee to do it, he's always funny.

  3. How funny, I just realized the wool came from goats. Maybe blue goats don't have lanolin in their wool? Maybe being blue keeps lanolin from being produced?