Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time passes so quickly

I was about to get Tzipi's spring clothes out when I realized that she's outgrown all of it. She's not 24 months anymore. She's 3 now. I should have realized this during her birthday party when we were blowing out candles and sing "Happy Birthday" to her, but it hasn't really hit me until this week. On top of that I'm really missing the summer. I started out writing about how much I miss the green grass and leaves on the trees and how happy I am that some of the trees are starting to bloom. That's true, but I think that as the seasons change I realize even more how quickly time passes. Zee's baby face is almost gone. Tzipi's hair is getting longer and she's catching up quickly to her big brother. Zee is reading things I didn't read until 2nd grade. Tzipi is writing letters already (didn't know she could do it until I saw her school work during my first parent teacher conference). I can only imagine how it must be for our parents who don't get to see the kids very often. (I'm planning grandparent visits in April and May.) Well, enough rambling I've got gladiolus to plant. YEAH for SPRING!!!!

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