Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clock's ticking

The past few weeks I've been obsessed with puppies. Tiny puppies. I'm not really a dog person. I couldn't figure out what it is, until I realized that it's because my baby is 3 now. I'm missing the tiny dependent baby stage. Puppies are incredibly needy. Dogs are needy, even when full grown. I guess that's why people get dogs. They get unconditional love and get the opportunity to meet their canine friend's many needs for a long time. The natural need to procreate is strong, but not always practical. I know this too will pass. It's just hard to see my babies become so independent. I just watch puppy videos on You Tube. :-)


  1. Okay, you got me! I thought you got a puppy. They are so cute, but a LOT of work. It is like having a newborn baby that is totally dependent on you.

  2. It is hard to believe how fast children grow up! And how...it seems overnight...they want to become independant. John likes to put his shirts on...take his pants off...and he tries really hard to put his shoes on. Why does it have to go so fast...

  3. I spent most of my younger adult years yearning for more children, but it was not to be God's will. I hoped my yearning wouldn't have too big an impact on you, but I know that it did. I know it was the loss of your brother even though I knew he could never be replaced that drove this appetite.

    God will supply all your needs and that need to express yourself to someone who needs you will be fulfilled in a thousand other ways. Here I am 51 and I'm playing mommy to two baby goats, two baby ducks, 26 chickens and a juvenile doe goat. Whew am I feeling needed and get this; yearning for the time when I wasn't so needed. Aren't we a fickle bit of creation?

    It truly is gain to be content while we yearn for and search for godliness.

    You are in the perfect place and God knows just what you need next.

    You are wise enough to trust Him with all of your ways knowing He will indeed direct your path.

    With all my motherly love (except that being called for by all these babies).

    Your momma