Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow in March 2009

"What is this?"Bunny asks.

They made snow angels.

Look at all the snow on the car!

The snow is all the way up to Tzipi's hips.

My hands are cold!

Blizzard and blowing snow!


  1. Ok, that looks just plain cold. It's cold here, but the skies are bright blue. Glad it didn't come here! Love ya Mom

  2. What a contrast from last weekend's pictures! Camping...Snowing! Is this Texas or what!?!?
    I know the kids had a blast playing in the snow. We only got a tiny amount of snow, which all blew away quickly. The wind has made it seem extremely cold, but nothing like up there. I'm not much for being outside in such cold weather, but I did survive.