Friday, March 6, 2009

Lady Bug Airplane

Tzipi's school has been learning about transportation, so at this time of year, they ask that parents create a mode of transportation for an annual parade. So Avi said we needed to do this so she wouldn't be the only kid in class without a car or something. Well of course we couldn't just do a car. That would be predictable and boring. We did an airplane. A ladybug airplane! It was definitely a collaborative effort as Avi did most of the hard work and I helped decorate. Of course I couldn't attend the actual parade so I asked Avi to take a picture of Tzipi wearing her plane. So here it is.


  1. Too cute! She looks so happy.

  2. Ok, that's the cutest plane I've ever seen. Tell Avi he did an excellent job (you too)! I'm sure Zip is happy as a clam.

  3. Pop and I love it! Zippy is obviously the best pilot around. Love you guys!