Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take a picture will last longer.

My living room

Zee's Bedroom

My kitchen

My bathroom

With the boys away at Scout campout, and Tzipi spent the night with her cousins, I had plenty of time and energy to get the house cleaned like I like it. So since I know it will only last until the boys get home and track dirt inside, bring in three days worth of dirty clothes and eat lunch and mess up the kitchen, I decided to take pictures so I can look back and enjoy my clean house while it lasted.

Zippy's room


  1. The house looks awesome. I say make the men live outside! They aren't allowed to touch anything unless they sign a contract swearing not to trash your lovely home. Men aren't from Mars, they're from the dumpster! Love ya. MOM

  2. Hey,

    We just got home from 9 days at the cottage a little while ago. I don't know how I could be tired, but I am. I did nothing all week! Your house looks great! I sometimes find myself referring to your house as a cottage. I love my own lake cottage and it is small like your house. I love the thought of a cottage. It sounds so much more romantic than just house somehow. Anyway, it looks like you must have worked all day and night to get it clean. It is a good feeling isn't it. Every time I get my house (or cottage) cleaned up - which is rare - I always enjoy it and think to myself, "I want to keep it clean this time." But, alas, it seems to have a life of its own and it never happens.
    I hope we can see each other before long. I miss you all terribly! Love Ya!! Eema

  3. Looks great! Maybe they will notice and try to help you keep it picked up. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.