Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I can almost smell it...


News: Dr. G was in a bicycle accident and fractured his pelvis. Please keep him in your prayers.

His nurse called and said that the growths are just cysts. I will have a follow up in three months. If I feel any swelling or pain, they will get me in as soon as possible. The lymph nodes can only be biopsied with surgery. My T3 levels are higher than they should be, so from what I read, it points towards Hashimoto's ( which my Grandma Smith has) or Hyperthyroidism. (I'll talk to my endocrinologist Nov 1st.)

Linda found a blog with a little boy with the same symptoms as I have. After a long and painful journey, they learned that their son had Demyelination... They found some specialists in Austin that were able to treat him. I tried calling today, but got the receptionists' voice mail. I printed out the new patient packet.

From what I've read Demyelinating Disease is a branch of other diseases like MS and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. So now, I just have to hope I can get in to see the specialists in Austin and if I need a referral I'll be able to get it and my insurance will pay for it all.

Guess what we get to do this weekend? Get Zee glasses! His school nurse says he needs glasses. When he was little (2, maybe...) Medicaid requested that we take him to the ophthalmologist. Way back then the doctor said that he needed glasses, but because he was so little and the vision loss wasn't severe, it would be a waste of time and money since babies can't really take care of them. I would rather not go to Wal-mart, but since he's covered with Medicaid, I guess that would be the easiest place. Of course, poor little Tzipi doesn't understand why she can't get glasses. I'm praying she won't need them just like her Abba.

Tzipi is doing really well in school. Her teacher says she can tell that Tzipi was in Head Start. She doesn't struggle with the same things her classmates struggle with. She bugs her Abba all morning, Can I go to school now? Now? How 'bout now?

Zee is doing really well. His work is getting harder and harder, but he's keeping up. He struggled with keeping quiet in class, but we've talked about it, and he's working hard to control his mouth. He's working to earn a Poptropica Hoodie. He has to apply himself and keep his mouth shut and obey his father without a snarky attitude. We will see how long it takes to earn it.

Well, that's all I can think of right now.

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  1. I'm hoping we can get into the dr. in Austin. Did you see on her blog she added a treatment tab at the top and lists all the things Teagan took in his treatment. Lyndsay said we should get you started immediately on the B12 topical cream. She sent me a link on where to order it.