Friday, September 17, 2010


 I saw Dr. Plata on Wednesday. I thought it was silly that I was seeing a rheumatologist, but I actually like him very much. He's a good doctor. Knows A LOT! If you ever need to see a rheumatologist, I highly recommend seeing him. He said, I DO NOT have fibromayalgia. I have a drop foot and I need to wear an orthotic brace on my foot so I don't trip and fall. He said that it definitely seems neurological in nature and said that he could not rule out MS. Lupus and Vasculitis were two other options. He took tons of blood and a urine sample and will look over all of my previous tests to see if he can catch something the others missed, or order a more specific test. He was curious why I haven't had a lumbar puncture, but with my syrinx in my spine, he said they might not be able to do it. He would look into it. He's funny and smart and a terrific listener. I am glad I went.

Then yesterday I saw my ENT, Dr. Guttenplan. He said that my lymph nodes are bigger than they should be. He said he palpitated and couldn't feel any nodules, but we agreed that we didn't want to take the wait and see route. I'm having a fine needle biopsy on Tuesday morning. A bit freaked out, but I'm getting pretty good at the whole needle thing. My son got his ears cleaned (a little after my appointment), so the kids were pretty thrilled to see me. It's a good feeling to see that my kids are liked. The whole office told me how much they like my kids, even Dr. G! We got caught in that terrible storm and the kids were soaking wet. I cuddled with Tzipi while Zee got his ears cleaned. It took us an hour to get home with all the flooding. The kids were pretty freaked out, and I kept praying that our Escort would make it. (I was in the Taurus with the kids, but Avi was behind us in the little faithful wagon.) We made it fine, but man were we glad to be in the warm house!

Oh and a miracle happened yesterday. Proof that G-d takes care of the little things too! I was at my Toastmasters' club and the actual fun stuff was over and we were having a small business meeting. I'm standing listening to our Treasurer speak. And before I realize what is happening, I have tears streaming down my face, as the entire club voted to pay my way to the district conference in October in Lubbock. I've been planning to go, but was trusting G-d for the 75 dollars. I haven't said a thing to my club about struggling to pay. I wasn't able to go to the Amarillo conference last fall as it was 100.00.  I'm so excited. G-d is so wonderful. Toastmasters is one of my favorite things, and it's not a big thing in the grand scheme of things, but He knows.


  1. Did you read the "apple" story I sent you yesterday? A perfect example of how God takes care of the little stuff as well as the big stuff. I was worried about you all out in the rain storm. Lavonna and Mallory were stuck out in it too. Thank God you all made it home safe and sound.