Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zee's Presentation

I so wish I could be a fly on the wall in Zee's class tomorrow. It sounds like they had a conversation today about Horny Toads and Mrs. Trevino could see that the kids' curiosity was peaked. So she asked Zee to give a presentation on horned lizards tomorrow (Friday the 14th of May). I helped him get his work together with pictures and he even came up with a word search game for his class. He's so excited and it's contagious. It's like each time I prepare for a presentation at Toastmasters, only it's his schoolmates that he will be presenting to. It's a bit different when we present to our peers as opposed to our friends and family. I'm very proud of him! I haven't even a clue when he might be asked to give his presentation, so I can't plan to take my lunch to see it. I don't want to freak him out or make him nervous, so I'll just imagine how great and awesome he'll be!


  1. Very cool, he's gonna do great :)

  2. I sure would enjoy being there. I'm proud of him!