Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A much needed vacation...

I may not blog much for this coming week. I'll be too busy doing something different. Playing with chickens, nuzzling goats, avoiding guard ducks, and whatever else I can find to do at my parent's farm. Napping sounds good. After lunch schedule: Nap.  The kids are totally ready to spend some time with my parents. I'm ready to be away from work for a while. 
Avi will be at home with Bunny and he will be working. 
I go back to the doctor this Thursday for the blood test results. Then on the 3rd I go back to the doctor for my annual. Thank God for insurance or I'd be freaking out with all of these bills I'd be making. Maybe I can ask the doctor for a better pain medicine. The one he gave me doesn't work at all.
And I know Tzipi will want me to push her in the swing at Grandma's house for hours. That's her favorite thing.
(Yes..I know her arms are in the wrong place in this car seat.)

Grandma and I are looking forward to being together, cooking together, hugging the kids together, napping together, playing with our fancy phones together, and talking for hours about Stampin' Up and other things.
I know Grandpa is excited, but I'm not sure what he has planned. I haven't talked to him much since he's been out of town. It's his Birthday on Friday so I figure he's excited about having his kids around him on his special day.
The two pictures of the kids are from our last trip to my parent's house. The kids grow fast!


  1. I'm happy for you all and hope you have the best trip ever. You deserve it.

  2. love you cant wait to see you zee.

  3. Love you all and can't wait to hug you. Gma