Sunday, May 2, 2010

What part of Illegal don't we understand?

I can't talk about this on Face Book because I have some liberal friends/family, and I just don't want to hear the rhetoric. But I just need to vent. I understand that this is a nation of immigrants, but just like not recycling, we can't live this unsustainable lifestyle forever. Eventually it will hit a peak and we won't be able to maintain this. We are all hurting, and the source is people BREAKING the law. Yes, they have a horrible country that doesn't provide well for its citizens, but we can't take care of everyone. We must care for ourselves. Israel has a very stiff immigration policy. People may want to move over there, but unless you can prove that you will be an asset, they won't allow you to move. They have their own battle with illegal immigration with Arabs.
Anyone can come to US and get medical care. Who pays for this? The American citizen. With a Democratic president in office, we are paying for more and getting less. I feel bad for the Mexican plight, but I also know my children are getting less of an education because we are paying more for ESL classes and GED classes for their parents. I understand that it's complicated because they have generations of family here and they want to be together. Why don't they want to go back to their country and make it better? Why haven't they used what we've given them to improve on Mexico? They are short sighted.

I think it is hilarious that there are people boycotting Arizona tea when it's made in Brooklyn New York. How funny is that?!

I'm not looking forward to the backlash nor am I looking forward to the potential war this may bring. But just like losing our planet to a pile of trash that never biodegrades, having millions upon millions of people that don't belong in this country via LEGAL channels has to eventually END.

The liberal argument is that they are human and they deserve the same life we afford. I agree. They need to go through the legal channels like any other immigrant. The summary to my rant: Immigrate LEGALLY! Obey the laws of the land!


  1. I agree totally. I understand that America is a melting pot, basically made up of immigrants.
    But like you said, "Do it legally!" Thanks for being brave enough to speak out.

  2. LOVE this POST and I am 100% with YOU! Enough is enough. I agree with every word and it makes me so mad!! They are breaking the law!