Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday's chore: Closet

My goal today is to put all my clothes away. My closet it organized thanks to my friend Corina, but I have so much laundry to put away and it's in a huge pile in my laundry basket. So I need to get this done today. Here' s a cool article I found that allowed reprinting. Happy organizing! JMD


  • organization begins with an honest evaluation of your wardrobe
  • you should have nothing in your closet that isn't currently wearable
  • lose anything that doesn't fit or is out of style
  • if you haven't worn it in a year, ask when you will wear it again
  • make sure everything in your closet goes with something else
  • store nostalgic clothes with memorabilia if you don't wear them
  • place baskets for laundry, dry-cleaning, and alterations / mending


  • separate by season
  • store off-season in another area if short on space
  • separate by clothing purpose (formal, work, casual)
  • separate by type (jackets, blouses, pants, skirts, etc.)
  • separate by style (short-sleeve, long-sleeve)
  • clearly delineate categories with labeled rod divider discs
  • or assign each section to a different part of the closet
  • hang clothes by color from light to dark
  • for quick and easy dressing, hang full outfits together


  • be aware of climate when storing items in an attic or basement
  • put in cedar chips to keep out insects
  • cardboard crossbars get sticky and leave a line on folded pants
  • wire hangers make marks in the shoulders of your shirts
  • stick to padded or plastic tubular hangers
  • take your wire hangers to the dry cleaner to recycle
  • use double-hanging rods for shorter items
  • get rid of dry cleaner plastic covers as they clutter up your closet
  • store small loose items in drawer systems or plastic tubs
  • socks, lingerie, bathing suits, pantyhose, etc.
  • roll up pantyhose to prevent runs
  • hang belts, hats, and purses on hooks on the wall
  • hang scarves on a hanger or scarf rack
  • take shoes out of their original cardboard boxes
  • use a shoe rack to keep footwear in sight and organized
  • install shelves or bins for folding items

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