Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day January 29th 2010

This is on Aunt Leelee's patio.

This was early snow, we got four more inches.

Abba is cleaning of our front "patio".

Tzipi is cold and ready for a warm bath.

Zee played in the snow for a long time.

I'm just so happy that I get three days off because of it all.


  1. He wears the same "brand" of snow boots the kids wore growing up. It looks like lots of fun for you all. Me. I'm hoping to stay inside until the spring weather gets here. (Too bad it won't actually happen.)

  2. I remember always begging mamma to go out and play in the snow. She would finally relent and get us all bundled up. We would go out for maybe thirty minutes and then be begging to come in because we were wet and cold. Now I just like staying in and looking out the window. It's beautiful as long as I get to stay out of it.