Sunday, January 24, 2010

My pictures from Zee's party

Leelee took some awesome pictures with her camera, but those will have to wait. She is busy playing with the girls and won't have time until next week. But in the meantime, I took pictures during naptime with Avi's camera and then took some pictures with my cellphone. And they are in no particular order. Please stay tuned for more pictures from our exciting adventure!

I caught my niece Sara playing in the playroom with the kitchen things.

Sophie had fun checking out everything and getting as many hugs and kisses as possible.

Bubbe was telling Zee how much Pop was sad that he didn't get to come to his party. We missed Pop, but we all understand that sometimes emergencies happen and Pop came to the rescue! Our own personal super hero!

Zippy and Zee are at the Archeological lab working on their latest find. They are using tools (bang bang bang) to find gems and minerals. Everyone had a blast with this.

Sophie loved the Nerf gun where you get to shoot the natives. She just had so much fun loading the gun with the foam bullets.

The guys (uncle Pete, uncle Kevin, and Avi) were chatting in the kitchen.

Pin the whip on Indy was a great success! Samantha and Blake got the whips in Indy's hand.

We wrote the name by each whip so we could have a souvenir from this adventure.

Zee is admiring his pinata.

Zippy had a turn as well.

Zee is modeling his pistol. He loves the scene from the movie when the native brandishes his sword with great flair and Indy looks bored until he pulls out his pistol and shoots him. Never bring a knife to a gunfight!

Vines hanging from the ceiling!

Snake pit: While using the monkey grabber, you attempt to grab the treasure. You can add a snake to your bag as well.

Indy is running from the boulder.

Happy birthday Zee!

Pin the whip on Indy (Before).

Tropical fruit and mini gummies. Thes are tiny bananas too. Maybe three inches long.

These are stickers that our explorers added to their journals.

Their journals and extra goodies to make notes.

Here's the table before I got the cake.

Here's the map where we could keep track of our adventures.

And what adventure would be complete without natives to add a bit of danger. We shot them with our Nerf gun. Bubbe shot one right between the eyes!


  1. Happy Bday Zee,

    So glad you had such a great party.

    Love ya,


  2. I think the party was a great success and I'm sure Zee will remember it as one of his favorites. Great ideas. You're a good momma!