Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My beautiful happy children

Here are some random pictures of my wonderful kids.

Zee at the Boyscout Spookeree event. I think he was the only boy to wear his costume.

Zee and Zippy in line at the creepy "stick your hand in the bucket and guess what it is" game.

Our beautiful Snow White in her clippy cloppy high heels.

Here is our princess "cooking" with playdough.

My gorilla and his princess in all their glory.

We make earrings with scrapbook "Zots" and buttons, pom poms and whatever else we can find.


  1. You do have beautiful, sweet & FUN babies! I love your babies!!! They are both so loving & outgoing...they are a reflection of their great parents! Precious pictures!!!

  2. Of course, not being the least bit prejudice I think your children are absolutely adorable, intelligent, articulate, engaging, and so sweet. Being their grandmother has nothing to do with my opinion either. Really, I swear. No, I mean it.