Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's new with Nee?

Well, I haven't posted lately. Things have been busy as always. This is a picture of me at work on my birthday. I was pretty blissful that morning as I survived a near head on collision thanks to quick thinking. A car ran a yield sign at about 50 miles an hour. If I hadn't seen him, I wouldn't have made it to work that morning. God is awesome! I swerved and jumped a curb and stepped on the gas. But boy was my heart pounding when I parked my car at work. I stopped and cried for a few minutes realizing how close I was to being with my Creator.

As some of you know, I put in my application for the training department at work. I've had my interview and I feel I did a very good job. Thanks to Toastmasters I wasn't nervous and I felt good at the end. I'm up against 18 people and if they liked my interview, they will call me sometime this week and give me a topic and I'll have some time to prepare a presentation.

We're doing the cubicle shuffle this week and trading places with another team for some strange reason. So that means packing up everything and moving a few rows over. We're going through another system conversion and that means tons of work for my department. With all the hiring that VALIC and WNL are doing here in Amarillo, we're having quite a bit of moving and shaking.

So forgive me for not posting, but things are so amazingly busy.

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  1. I was wondering if you had heard anything. At least your workplace is hiring and not firing. Keep your chin up, things will slow down eventually.