Monday, November 23, 2009

Practice makes perfect?

Let's hope so. I did my presentation with my managers and director and went WAY over time. I did a good job and they enjoyed it, but I was freaked out that I went over time by like 10 minutes.

Then I had a scheduled speech on Thursday for Toastmasters and asked if I could practice my presentation then. I did and nailed it at 13 minutes. I rabbit trailed twice and said "And So" 17 times. YIKES. Thank goodness for good evaluators and solid help.

So Friday came and with it being Jeans Day you could definitely tell the people who were trying out for the training position as we were all dressed in business attire. I got really nervous after seeing my competition. I calmed down and reminded myself that it's up to God. I went in and nailed my presentation. I was much more nervous for the interview portion as this is very important to me and the gravity of it all came to me at that exact moment.

I should hear something this week. I keep reminding myself that it's up to God whether I get this job or not. I learned a lot during the whole process and regardless of the outcome, I really appreciate the second interview. I will let you know what I find out.


  1. Yikes! 3:37 AM You are as crazy as me. I too am praying that if it is God's will you will receive the promotion. I love you.

  2. Nee, It's that "prosperous journey" you're on! Think about it...when you look back at your life so far wasn't it so exciting waiting for your first job. The job itself has has benefits and propers you, but the hunt for the job and the anticipation is exciting too. Once you mastered the job you're at you were ready for something harder and you were promoted. Promotion comes from the Lord and so how fun is this new climb to a new challenge. I'm proud of you and know you face lots of guilt. No guilt,just do what God has put in you to do and it will all be good. You are gifted by Him and He'll see you get to use those gifts where He wants you. What a roller coaster life can be. Wheeeeeee...... Mom