Wednesday, March 9, 2016


It's been such a long time since I just blogged. My world has been a roller coaster. I'm trying to get off of it, but it takes some practice.

My friend and I are striving for the KISS approach. Keep It Simple Stupid! How much work is it to simplify!?

Between studying the Torah, preparing our garden, keeping the house clean, teaching three children, spreading the word about Norwex, finding time for creativity, dealing with doctors, writing my book, and loving our  new puppy- we are very busy! (This is a small list compared to what I deal every day).

Zalmi is dealing with extreme separation anxiety. I can't leave the room without promising that I will always come back!  He loves reading. Our trips from Gardendale to Midland are always full of books and toys. He counts everything and wants to know everyone's names. He's starting talking to everyone he meets. It's adorable. 

 Zippy is on cloud 9 with her puppy. She has shown great maturity to clean up every mess with joy and love. She is teaching her tricks and cuddling on her every spare minute. She is learning French and Hebrew (gotta prep for Bat Mitzvah) and she's mastering her multiplication tables. She is forever writing to her friends and making new ones! We hope to meet some new Homeschool buddies tomorrow (weather permitting). 

Zee is learning tons and exploring his creative side. Learning guitar, Japanese, practical math (he knows how to write a check, make a budget, pay bills, start accounts, and more every day), driving, sewing, 

We need to head home now, so I'll try to blog more frequently.

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