Sunday, March 27, 2016

Passover cleaning and Norwex

I love knowing that every corner of my house has been cleaned. It's a great feeling. Yet have you ever asked yourself what will happen if you use a ton of chemicals year after year? Without going into the scary details, let's just agree that chemicals are dangerous and there has to be a better way. To be honest, these cleaners are new. Only in the last 100 years have we thought that chemicals will get us closer to clean. Can you imagine our families in 1812 using caustic chemicals to rid their homes of chametz?  

They are cleaning the Wall without hazmat suits. Can you?

I found Norwex because I am determined to make this world a better place. I don't believe families need to spend hundreds of dollars every year to get their houses clean. There is a better way. This isn't a gimmick. It really works. 

So even if you have been programmed by television commercials and mother guilt to clean your house like a sewage plant; it really is easy to stop and do it differently. 

This is my first year to truly clean without chemicals. The last few years I either spent hours making my own cleaners or bought so-called healthy cleaners that I had an extremely allergic reaction to. It's expensive and ridiculous to work so hard for so little in the way of results. 

Once I bought Norwex, I haven't had to go down the cleaning section at the store in months. SAVING me hundreds of dollars. No more paper towel. Doing my part to save trees! My children have really sensitive skin and we're not dealing with rashes or breathing problems as much anymore. 

I am passionate about helping others create safe havens! 

Cleaning takes me half the time! The CDC recommends cleaning with microfiber, but Norwex is different than anything you can find at a store. 

Norwex is also amazing when it comes to problems and issues. They demand quality of their products and if you run into any problems, there is a 2 year warranty! They want to make their customers happy. If you buy a cloth at the store and it falls apart, what will you do? Just buy another one? 

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