Friday, May 9, 2014

Relaxing at Mom's house

 Zalmi was chilling at Gramma's house watching Paw Patrol.
 Here's my view of the kids playing their devices "together".
 Ok. So not together, but in the same room.
 Zalmi had a blast roaming around in the wide open spaces.
 The children had fun doing a new cast at the Children's Museum.
 Zalmi loved crawling for a few minutes in the toddler room, but he thinks he's 12 years old, so the fun wore off quickly.
 Tzipi made a great meteorologist!
 Here they are running a business.
 Zalmi is getting busy with all the hands-on fun.
 Climbers gotta climb!
 Grab nose0 (glad he wasn't real).
 Zee at the Planetarium with Jar Jar Binks and sister trolling the pic. We watched a show on the Google Lunar X Prize. It's a great concept. We're looking into their Ocean X Prize project. Click Here to Learn more!

Here's Gramma and her three beebs. Miss her already!

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