Saturday, October 22, 2011

Modest Fashion

If I had a nicer camera, you could tell more detail on the fabric and things, but I'm using a Blackberry. Hopefully you can still get the idea. I thought I'd start taking pictures of my clothes and Tzipi's for inspiration. For me, it helps keep me thinking about something fun; fashion and creativity, for others it might inspire them to understand how important it is that we respect ourselves enough to keep our bodies covered. I am blessed to have a very modest family and the older generation understands that its the inner man that needs to shine, not our flesh.
The skirt that Tzipi is wearing was made out of a more grown up velor, but it works with many of her existing blouses. We don't have a huge selection of shoes, so she's wearing the only nice pair of dress shoes she owns. (Recently purchased for a wedding). I have taken about 6 skirts that were size 7 women and cut them to fit her. It is an easy alteration, but it works!

This skirt is one of my favorites. It has a nice silk lining and is very comfortable. The sweater has tiny threads of iridescent shimmer throughout the knit. I wore a beautiful shawl over it when we went to Temple the evening this picture was taken.

Here's me in my sheitel (wig). I love this skirt, but because it's real leather (suede) I don't wear it very often. When it gets warm it smells like leather. Which is a nice smell most of the time, but after a while it gets to be too much. Excuse the big ugly heater vent next to me, Avi was working on the heater. Zee took the picture. He's got a great eye! The brown sweater I'm wearing was my mother-by-marriage's, but she shrunk it. I love it. It's warm, but light weight. So I'm really getting into the whole layering thing.

I took a few pictures but Tzipi was not in the mood. She looks a bit shapeless here, but the skirt is really very cute on her. The hoodie she picked out at the thrift store has a black and white butterfly that matches nicely with the 50's polka dots. She's wearing a turtle neck as well, but she wanted to wear the hoodie too. The skirt has gores and is very flattering on her, but she just would not cooperate for a picture at 6 in the morning. It used to be my skirt. I'm glad I can repurpose some of the clothes I can no longer wear and she can get some use out of them. 

So hopefully in the next few days I'll post some more of our ensembles and you can see how much fun we're having being fashionable and modest. :-)

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