Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nee's News for 2011

 I've had lots of exciting things happen this month. I am finally going to spill the beans. It's good news for me. I've been on this journey for 15 years and it's thrilling to be here. I was voted as a Trustee on the board at the Temple that Avi and I are a member of. It's so awesome to be a part of a group of people. We all have very different perspectives on things, but its such a warm and welcoming place. The synagogue we went to in Virginia was called B'nai Israel and the one we go to here is called B'nai Israel. Coincidence, I don't think so.
I get to lead prayer services on the 29th of July. When our student Rabbi isn't in town (which is most of the time) we take turns. We have small attendance during the summer, so it should be good practice for me. There will be some Hebrew, OK, lots of Hebrew, but I should be alright. I will have a really good friend Mr. Adelman helping with me songs as chazan.

The kids have had a blast this summer. Right now they are in Canyon watching Cars2. They had so much fun in California. They keep telling me something new to tell me every day. My parents say that they took tons of pictures and hours of video, but it'll take a small fortune to print it all. I look forward to seeing them. I am so thankful that my parents drove all that way and spent so much time and money with the kids. I doubt I will be able to afford taking them to Disneyland until they are teenagers, so this was perfect for them. I am sure my parents had a good time.

Well, I just had to tell my good news. For the most part my friends and family are hugely supportive, if unsure why I chose this path. I am terrifically happy and I really just want to share my happiness with those I love.

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