Friday, June 10, 2011

I miss my babies

I love my kids. They were so good on this trip to Austin. They are just better behaved away from home. Don't know why that is, but they are. Cuddling Tzipi and hugging Zee and hearing them fight and play... It's what children do. I think this is good practice for me because they won't be little forever. They will grow up. They will leave. And I have to be OK with that. I know they are 9 and 5, but they will be 10 and 6 before I know it. Poof they'll be grown and have their own lives to live. Right now they need me less than they did when they were in diapers but more than they will as teens. I hope we like each other. I really want that. My speech was about them. I wake up thinking about them and go to sleep thinking about them. I know they will have a blast this summer making great memories. The alternative, staying home in a hot nasty little house entertaining themselves. This is better. I just have to keep telling myself that as the tears fall from my face.

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  1. What do you do when your kid is 32 and you never get to see her? You tell yourself the same thing with tears in your eyes. What do you do when she hurts and you can't wipe the tears or ease the pain? You tell yourself the same thing with tears in your eye. What do you do when you see your adult child do things you don't understand? The same thing with tears in your eyes. You love them and give them to God knowing that they are His and He has them in His hands.