Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy Austin trip!

I have so many pictures and so much to say, but golly I'm beat.

The kids have had a blast. All they want to do is swim and swim. I've been a good mom and got in the pool each time. I'm actually remembering how to swim too.

The doctor has said I've lost some weight, so maybe I'll try and start swimming on a regular basis. It's a lot easier on my body than anything else. Who knows!

Dr. Taylor filled out my FMLA paperwork, so hopefully we can get this faxed in and get it all covered and I don't have to worry about it anymore.

I will have this neuropathy always, but the anti-virals were keeping it under control. I'm going to start giving myself daily B-12+Folate shots. The B-12 by itself isn't enough I guess.

We have had such an adventure. I hope I can get it all blogged in one of these days. I figure I'll probably just need to print some pictures so I can just scrap it. I enjoy that so much these days. It's a great hobby. I don't get as carried away as I used to. Now I carry an envelope of pictures and my book and a glue stick with some fancy pens, and do a page with some journaling or just a page and then journal later... it's just a nice break.

I'm gonna hit the sack. Love ya!

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