Friday, April 1, 2011

Star Doll on Facebook!

 I am so addicted to StarDoll on Facebook. It's like Project Runway and PaperDolls and Dollhouse all rolled into one! You can find plenty of "hoochy mama" stuff, but my challenge is to find modest clothes that make me happy. It takes a bit to learn all the ins and outs of having a free membership (you have limited play when its free). But it's so much fun, that I don't mind. Being stuck in bed, it gives me the perfect opportunity to try everything I want to try.

 It is a very International game. Girls (and boys too) play from all over the world. I'm sure designers love it because you can find some OUT THERE stuff.
 I stick with Kosher Attire. Longer skirts, blouses that cover the collar bones and the elbows. If I can't find the right length, I have tights. And if the sleeves aren't long enough, that's what layers or shawls, or sweaters or coats are for.

 Of course there is a hint of fantasy that we all enjoy now and then. Hundreds of shoes, outlandish fabric... all the things you'd love to wear if people weren't so mean.
 Then there's the celebrity dolls you can dress up. That's fun too. Their wardrobes are specific to their personality and that's really cool.
You also have a suite to design and decorate. You can design your own fabric and create clothing and furniture for your room.

The sad thing is that I wish there was a way that I could get extra coins because I blogged about it. :-)

Oh well. I just really enjoy it! Try it out.

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