Friday, April 1, 2011

FINALLY Frazzleberry!!!

 Frazzleberry is an interesting concept for a frozen yogurt shoppe.
I wouldn't have even thought to stop had it not been for my friend from Toastmasters that goes practically any time he can.

Leelee took us for dinner snack and it was so yummy! You need to have patience and be OK in a crowd of people. But let me tell you it's worth it! I can't see myself going all the time like my friend does, but it is definitely fun and yummy.
 Tzipi had so much fun. Of course her eyes were bigger than her tummy, but knowing that it's frozen yogurt, made it easier for me to let her HAVE AT IT!

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  1. It was fun. We were going to go back so Zee could have a taste, but then decided to try out the Ruffled Cup Cupcake Shop instead. They were just a delicious.