Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's pray for another Miracle! K?

From my blackberry: ok... So curious minds want to know about my laptop. Well, I talked with my friend and this is what she told me. Her brother lives in a small town around here and word got out after he promised God a portion of his business, and BOOM... Let's just say he is one busy guy. He looked at my laptop and said that the damage is severe and at first didn't think he would be able to fix it. Then he looked at his supplies and he has the same make and model of my laptop with a ruined hard drive. SO... The story isn't over. I'm waiting to hear about an estimate and then with a bit more intervention from the Supreme Being, I should have my laptop back. So diligence and patience will pay off in the long run. God is good! He cares about even our least important hopes. In the long run, my laptop is only a tool, but it is a well loved and much used tool that I miss very much.

Please pray for my computer repairman's success and well being.

Thank you,



  1. Also commenting from my Blackberry cas im penned down by all the dogs. I agree that God does care about the littlethings in our lives as well as the Big things. I will be happy to pray for favor for you and the computer guy.

  2. Abba is truly faithful and He loves to answer our prayers. I can most assuredly agree that He will hear our prayers and you will have favor and everything that is needed to get your computer back on its feet (or little rubber thingys). Hugs Mom