Friday, February 4, 2011

Wow! Snowpocolypse...

It was worth the chaotic trip to Austin, but golly GEE!

This is what winter means to most people. A sad tiny snowman.

But this is what I will always think of when I remember this trip to NeuroSensory Center in Austin


I definitely enjoyed being with Leelee and learning about the roads to and from Amarillo to Austin.

See here we are having a good time shopping. Totally oblivious that we were on our way to ICELAND!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... learned more about things that are messing with my health. The relapse I had was due to lack of progesterone. So once I get home I'll be taking that. I also have a bunch of new things to add to my health supplements. So we're cutting off some meds and changing to others.

Then we got stuck in Abilene. It took 9 hours at 25 miles an hour from Austin to Abilene. We've been in this beautiful tiny hotel room since I forget when. I do know that it is Friday. I know that the weather will be 50 degrees on Saturday.

And this is why we have stayed in Abilene:

Ice Ice Ice...

If I never see another ice cube again, it will be too soon.

When things get a bit smoother, I can write more about the trip, but I wanted to at least let you know. I am so ready to be home. God willing, we will be home soon!

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