Sunday, February 27, 2011

windy firey onery day

Wind makes every one anxious. Even the kids. They are especially onery today. I got a lot accomplished today and enjoyed some nice quiet time alone. The house isn't 100 percent, but its better and better each time I do things.

I have a large table in my room and I was going to fold it up and put it away, but I think I will leave it up for the time being and use it to fold clothes. That might be a better solution than using the bed or sofa.

I made some yummy brownies, but can't eat them till we eat dinner. Bummer. You guys know I'd rather eat them first.

I miss blogging.

I'm using my phone.

I got new glasses. I will pick them up on Friday.

Ok. Gotta go make dinner.

1 comment:

  1. Soon you'll be back on your computer and blogging to your heart's content. Love ya

    Your momma!