Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update: February news..

I gotta take a shower here in a minute, but I wanted to blog real quick.

On Friday I went to see Dr. Gentry. The cyst in my spine has grown longer, but not any wider. So surgery isn't an option (which is good, cuz it's a risky one). I told him that I'm in a lot of pain, so he said he would refer me to a pain specialist. I'm hoping that we're able to deal with the pain, and soon.

I have been walking every day. I even walked to Leelee's house. I'm trying to get stronger so I can handle the issue with my spine better.

Yesterday I felt like I was getting sick (all the people at work are sick) so I took the nasty spray that the doctor wants me to take (I've been avoiding it for about a week) and I took it yesterday. BOOM! That stuff works. It doesn't taste as bad refrigerated but golly it's nasty.

Zee made the newspaper here in Amarillo cuz he made the A-B honor roll. He was so excited! We are so proud of him!

Tzipi got to have a play date yesterday. The girls had so much fun! They had a hard time parting ways.

I have struck and awesome deal with my sister Hadassah and I'm so excited for pay day! I am going to get a Queen size bed AND find a home for my antique bed all at once! Baruch HaShem!

Avi is thrilled to be thatching again. He is looking forward to cramming as much work in as possible.

Well, I love you all. Gotta go clean the cat box and take a shower. (in that order) Peeeyooo!

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  1. Glad you at least got to do a quick post. Maybe soon you can get your computer back. I miss your posting and photos.