Sunday, November 7, 2010

My first car

My friend's daughter just got her first car. I got all nostalgic when I got to thinking about my first car. 1981 Honda Prelude. Such a fun car to drive! I bet the 'ol girl is still going. Daddy bought her for $500.00 at a car auction dealer place. He talked the guy down from $650.00. It's not a practical car for a family, but it was perfect for a single girl. What was your first car?

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  1. I loved this post and it brought back great memories for me and my first car. On my birthday my Mom took me to get my license then let me drive her car to school...she had a HUGE blue Oldsmoblie....this is in the late eighties. She told me whatever I did NOT to load the car down with friends at lunch time...well you can only imagine....I think there was at least 12 of us in the car going to lunch! Everyday she would stay at home without a car and let me drive her car to school. The car became "the blue bomb". Then beginning of my Senior year my Mom and Dad surprised me with a brand new car - a 1989 Buick Regal. They got a really good deal because it had MAJOR hail size hail dents all over it but it was new. My parents paid for the first two years then I made the car payments for the next three years. I was able to save money and get the hail dents fixed - it was great and a sweet little car!