Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let the healing begin

OK, for those sci-fi nerds out there, remember the scene where Daniel puts Sha'uri in the white Egyptian Alien technology bed that glowed white and she came out all nice and alive in Star Gate the movie? THAT would be soooo nice! (PS. Mili Avital, this actress? She's Israeli)

But that's science fiction. This is my third night on the medication and I can feel it doing stuff. Pokey is a good way to describe it. Nausea too. But that could be my GI tract getting repaired from the green slime. My brain fog has been really intense today. But it's doing something. Just want to keep you updated. Obviously my boring and lame car post got no response. So I'll stick with current events. :-)

Tzipi sewed her first pillow with the sewing machine. I'm so very proud of her. I hope we can spend many hours sewing Barbie fashions. She's a very good learner. I have to say I am very impressed.

Azariah is eager for Hanukkah. He's always about the next party or family event. I need to bring his focus around for Thanksgiving so he can make some awesome art for us. (I love his drawings) He's doing really well at school. He has nearly finished his homework that is due Friday. I'm so proud of him. On top of it!

Avi worked doing landscaping again today. He enjoys getting out and working. Tzipi tagged along with toys and had a blast. She's a good little helper, when she's not tired and cranky.

By the way... what is the plan for Thanksgiving. I heard Lavonna was going to host it at her house, but I haven't heard anything more than this. I'm not a last minute gal. I've been buying the things I need to make my first walnut maple pie, and we're talking weeks away. So if we can start a thread on Facebook or something, I'd be grateful. :-) I guess I will. OK... Off to Facebook I go...

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  1. Glad you feel like something is working. Hopeing and praying for the best. Let me know if you feel like the cranberry chews helped or not.