Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun in Austin

See this? It's delicious.

See this? It's yummy too!

Notice how dessert is first and "dinner" is last? It didn't come this way, but WOWZA! What a treat! Everything we ate was super! Just right. Not too much. Just right. My favorite thing was that I was able to eat dessert without worrying about caffeine! I'm still sleepy! Woohoo!

I think Leelee and I are still a bit loopy from such a long drive. I am looking forward to a great nights' sleep. I hope everything runs smoothly at the doctor's office. We find it in time. They run their tests. They find the solution to my problems. And the rest is fun!

It's really dark out, or I would talk about Austin's landscape.

My brain is mush. Bed is calling. :-)

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