Thursday, June 18, 2009


Avi and I went to Toastmasters today and gave a speech TOGETHER! It was entitled: The fine art of Negotiation. I needed a partner to help with my Advanced Communication Manual, Interpersonal Communication. At first Avi had come up with the idea to show a simple example of negotiating a business deal between a farmer and a customer in an open air market. We were haggling over the price of my geese. Unfortunately as we practiced our role-play, we could tell neither one of us knew much about buying a goose. So we put that idea in file 13 and went with something we both know and love. Computers. So my assignment was to give a 4-5 minute presentation on what it means to negotiate and the process. Then Avi and I would role-play a negotiation for 3-4 minutes. Then it would conclude with a summary of the process. I was a little nervous hoping that I would stay focused and not flub while my soul mate was in the room. When Avi came up and we started the role-play, it went beautifully. We pretended I worked at a computer store and Avi was in the market for a new laptop. He was very natural and kept the banter flowing nicely. I kept worrying about the time, so when it was over I summarized very quickly and sat down. My evaluator was very encouraging and noted that I kept my eye contact to only one side of the room. He noticed I was shying away from Avi. I was worried that I would lose my concentration when I looked at him, but during the speech I was telling myself to scan the room and make eye contact with everyone, including Avi. But I must not have listened to my own advice. It's ironic since I just wrote an article for our Toastmaster newsletter on "making eye contact". Oh well. Everyone commented on how natural Avi was in front of a crowd. He's thinking about joining my club and I think it would be loads of fun! It would be a hobby we could do together. He helped me so much and I look forward to our next collaboration.


  1. Cool!I'm glad you two were able to share that experience together. Good job.

  2. I'm so glad that Avi was able to be there and you were successful.

    We're having fun too. Headed to Chuck E. Cheese today all dressed up. Should be fun.