Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pet messes vs Norwex

We love animals. Practically everyone in my family has animals. What is one thing they have in common? MESSES! Have you ever read the packaging on most cleaners? They are dangerous for animals. I want to encourage you to start reading the labels of your cleaning supplies and then ask yourself, can I do better? There is an alternative! Norwex.

This is an enzyme based cleaner for every room in your home!

If you have carpet this is a must!

Kitties? We have a dusting mitt and lint mitt for cat hair!

My mom rescued some kittens that were born feral in her yard.

They are growing so fast! 

Doggies love lap time! 

See this? The Envirowand is an amazing tool for cleaning fans, Venetian blinds, hard-to-reach spaces in your home! Plus you don't have the expense and waste of the name brand dusting cloths that you throw away after each use. 

It's possible to have a clean house and have all the animals in your home. Visit my website and feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

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