Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On a completely different topic

Discovery Family has been playing reruns of Blossom. If you didn't know, I love Mayim Bialik.

My mother in law took us to a lecture Mayim gave at Texas Tech. It was so awesome.  (My first real outing since having my third baby).

I remember watching Blossom when I was a young girl. TV back then had a purpose. Today's children's programming teaches Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) but for tweens and teens, the programming leaves a lot to be desired. A fairy that goes to high school doesn't really help anyone. Witches? I'm sorry that makes no sense at all. I admit that I get tired of preachy TV, but Blossom wasn't preachy. They left the viewer to make their own conclusions. Blossom's dad had a lot on his plate trying to support three children on an artists' income. I can relate to that. He was human. So were Blossom and her brothers. They made plenty of mistakes but they also made plenty of good decisions. 

I love how real the characters were, how serious the topics were and how much fun they all seemed to have; especially Blossom. She had friendship issues with Six, her BFF. 

With today's adult sitcoms, they follow the same protocol. Funny, have a message, get people talking... So why did tweens and teens get left out of the mix? Mayim stars currently in Big Bang theory and they have covered issues that no one really wants to talk about. The writers have done it in a tasteful and funny way. Thank you Mayim for sticking with meaningful programming. 

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