Monday, December 20, 2010

Broken Laptop

OK... so it's not this bad... but it feels like this. I'm tempted to go with Leelee's advice and try and fix it myself. If it were a desktop I wouldn't think twice about fixing it. But I have no experience fixing laptops.

So until I figure out how to blog on my Blackberry, I'll be blogging less. Avi isn't the best at sharing. (I don't blame him at all). He's sharing right now or I wouldn't be blogging.

I just wanted to those of you who missed out on the Facebook drama, to know that I'm without my lovely computer. I miss it, but not as much as you'd expect.

I feel really bad for Zee. He doesn't get to play at all. At least he has his DS. And he's hit that stage where he can't get enough reading. I checked out this huge volume of the Chronicles of Narnia for him. He saw the second movie and wanted to read the first part. I kid you not, the book is as big as War and Peace. His eyes got really big, but then I showed him how many books were in the volume. I'll be proud of him if he reads just one of the books.

I gotta run. I'm feeling better every day. I worked really hard this weekend so my body aches, but its good aches. I've been hunting all over my house for a certain card that is vital to a meeting I'm having on Thursday. So my house is clean (minus 6 bags of goodwill and 5 bags of trash). (haven't found the card, but I found a copy of the card and I'm praying this will work).

Love you! Nee

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  1. I didn't have time to call the computer repair place today but will try to tomorrow. Lavonna might know someone that can fix it too. Don't give up, I definitely think it's fixable.