Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sometimes you just have to...

When my Mom and I were out and about we found Heartland dishes at Tuesday morning. I totally went nostalgic. Warm fuzzies and all. I snatched them right then and there (and paid for them of course). Mom said that a few people in my life had these dishes and it made me all happy. Then I went to the antique store during my lunch hour and VOILA! I found a Heartland tablecloth for 4 dollars! Can you believe it?!?!?!?

They are just dishes, but every time I pick one up I just feel so happy.

I took one of the mugs to work just so I could look at it. I can't remember for sure who all had this set. I think my friend's mom had this set, my mom, and my grandma. I don't typically like stoneware either, but it doesn't matter anymore. I'm glad I got the set. I looked online and saw that they carry other pieces too, like soup tureen and whatnot. The tablecloth just made my whole month! I wasn't even looking very hard either. I was in search of linen and POOF! God sent me a tablecloth!

I'm so blessed! Thank you God for taking care of the little things.


  1. Nee,

    I know how you feel. When I find a retro tablecloth or something from my past I get warm fuzzies. I love my Krissy doll and my Flatsies, and my Francie doll. I know exactly how you feel. Like a kid again. Sometimes you just need that.

  2. I agree. When I get the chance to stroll sixth street I too get the warm fuzzy feeling when I spot things I recognize from my Grandma's house. It's that comfortable place in my heart. Glad you got a little piece of happiness this week.

  3. I'm so happy to see that you found something that gives you pleasure. We often don't remember that Hashem WANTS us to enjoy the pleasures of this life. Your dishes and your table cloth are beautiful. You will have to make a "wish " list so that if someone wants to keep in mind something that matches your items he/she could bless you with a gift sometime.